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ACCOMMODATION Yoga and Dance retreat in Morocco

Welcome to my one-of-a-kind retreat designed with love for dancers and yogis.

Nestled in the serene landscapes of southern Morocco, our whimsical dance and yoga villa extends a warm invitation to solo women travelers and kindred spirits seeking solace after dance and yoga adventures. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be embraced by the laid-back vibes of our sisterhood.

Immerse yourself in a unique dance lifestyle, where the graceful art of belly dance and the soothing practice of yoga seamlessly coexist. Our charming abode effortlessly fuses the cozy comforts of a guesthouse, the lively spirit of a dance hideaway, and the serene atmosphere of a yoga retreat.

Committed to an eco-conscious retreat, we took cues from Feng Shui and bio-dynamics, curating a space with just few private rooms. This intentional choice ensures a calm and intimate vibe for your stay. Welcome to your boho-chic retreat where dance, yoga, and the spirit of sisterhood intertwine.


Step into a world of whimsy where every nook and cranny of our rooms is a tapestry woven from the treasures of bustling souks and the vibrant spirit of contemporary Moroccan craftsmanship, giving birth to a soulful Beldi Boho Moroccan style. Here, our commitment to an eco-friendly retreat stands unwavering, harmonizing sustainability with the sheer indulgence of cleanliness and comfort, weaving together an unparalleled experience that breathes life into an authentic oriental dreamscape.

Discover a haven of bohemian charm, where not only do we provide the essentials but elevate them to an art form. Quench your thirst with the flowing freedom of complimentary filtered water, served in vessels as unique as the tales that traverse our walls. Kettles beckon, inviting you to indulge in the ritual of herbal teas, an aromatic dance that mirrors the kaleidoscope of our surroundings. And fear not, for the boundless expanse of the digital world is yours to explore with free high-speed WiFi, seamlessly embracing both communal spaces and the intimate sanctuaries of our retreat.

Amenities in our villa during retreats include:

  • 1 shower towel and 1 hand towel

  • Hairdryer

  • Toiletries: hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, toothpaste, and a toothbrush

  • Free high-speed WiFi internet access in rooms and the garden

  • Free filtered water and complimentary herbal tea

Private Room with shared bath

Experience a restful stay in our thoughtfully curated rooms, each equipped with a spacious double bed, created by combining two single beds measuring 90 cm x 190 cm. For your convenience, we've provided amenities such as a safe for your valuables, a wall cabinet, extra pillows and blankets, a mirror, and hot water bottles to keep you warm on cooler nights.

Feel at home in our charming accommodations, where comfort meets practicality. Plus, with the bathroom shared among just three rooms, you'll enjoy both privacy and convenience during your stay. Welcome to a delightful retreat tailored to make your experience truly special.

Private room with private bath

Welcome to our calm and spacious room, perfect for a comfortable stay for up to 2 guests. Enjoy the coziness of our double bed, seamlessly crafted from two single beds and adorned with plush pillows, hypoallergenic duvets, and soft cotton bed linens. Our dedication to your well-being extends to orthopedic mattresses, ensuring a rejuvenating night's sleep.

Explore the thoughtful touches we've added to elevate your experience. Your room is equipped with a secure safe for your valuables, a practical wall cabinet, a generously-sized mirror, an aromatherapy pillow spray for relaxation, yoga mats for your wellness routine, and hot water bottles to keep you snug on cooler nights.

Relish in comfort and tranquility – your ideal retreat is here.


Welcome to our enchanting little garden, where you can sprawl out on a beautifully crafted, petite handmade couch beneath the fragrant spell of jasmine. The gentle scent promises a truly unique experience, allowing you to unwind beneath the vast Moroccan sky in this cozy nook. Kickstart your day with a wholesome breakfast and bask in the glow of candlelit dinners as the evening unfolds.

Our tiny garden is a magical sanctuary, offering the perfect opportunity for you to detach from the hustle and reconnect with nature, your inner self, and your chosen practice. That's why all our classes unfold in the great outdoors. In the whimsical event of rain, fear not; we have a snug indoor studio where we'll shift our sessions, creating a warm haven for moments of harmony. Welcome to our boho-chic retreat, where every leaf and breeze invites you to a journey within and a celebration of the free-spirited soul, even in our tiny oasis.


Our primary objective is to provide a clean, comfortable, safe, and distinctive environment for our guests. Concurrently, we aim to demonstrate responsibility and respect towards both our local community and the environment.

To achieve this, we have implemented several eco-friendly measures at our retreat:

  • The entire retreat is equipped with energy-saving LED lamps.

  • Low-flow faucet aerators have been installed in all our bathrooms to conserve water.

  • We enhance the sleeping experience with extra-warm duvets, soft pillows, and cotton bed sheets.

  • For cooler nights, we offer hot water bottles to warm the bed, promoting a cozy and sustainable approach.


We’ve put a lot of love to our menu. We believe that a good food experience is the key to an unforgettable dance and yoga holiday with us in Morocco. Our menu is a mix of moroccan and western meals with seasonal local ingredients to ensure sustainability and quality. If you are a dancer or yogi food lover, you’ve found the right retreat in Tamraght!

We do not prepare lunches and dinners are optional, to encourage you to eat at one of the other local restaurants in town.


All meals are taken together, available only between Monday and Friday, breakfast is at 9:15am and dinner is served at 7:30pm.

Breakfast is vegan / vegetarian. If you book a dinner with us, we cook flexitarian mostly with some chicken farmer and local seafood options. We are vegan / vegetarian friendly.

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