ABOUT US Wave & Dance Morocco, Roberta and Abdel


We're Abdel and Roberta, a couple who share the same passion for adventure, ocean, sport and good food.
In 2013, after we had quit our comfortable lives and jobs, we agreed that our dream life would be “The biggest adventure we can take is to live the life of our dreams”

About us, Roberta and Abdel Ait Baadi


Roberta is an internationally recognized Choreographer. She was graduate from the famous Academy ISOC in Cairo, Egypt in 2010. She has been studying holistic and complementary healing methods through practices in reiki, yoga, meditation and other disciplines.  She is a certificate yoga instructor and Reiki Master Teacher. Her specials yoga classes are focus for surfers and yogi by balancing the mind and body through movements, meditation, pranayama and sound healing.

" My passions became my daily job so i never have the feeling  to work one day a week"

Roberta and Abdel, about us, Wave & Dance Morocco


For the past 11 years he has been a surf instructor and coach; Abdel loves sharing his knowledge, by a fun, safe and enthusiastic pedagogy to all his surf students. He is graduate as an ISA Surf Instructor, and he is honor to be trained by Dean Gough to be also certificate by the Surf Lifesaving Great Britain SLSGB as Surf Coach Lifesaver Award. For fans of vintage Germans cars: Abdelhake with his vintage mercedes benz's car will let you feel in a golden era retro movie!!!!


“Surfing and teaching is more than a sport and a job to me, it is a spiritual lifetime experience, a way to meditate and reconnect myself with my favorite element: WATER."