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Wave Dance Morocco




Arabesque in Morocco

Live a unique and enriching experience.

Arabesque in Morocco

OUR PACKAGES dance holiday yoga retreat

Our packages are focus to empower WOMEN TO TRAVEL SOLO, between friends to connect deeper and in group to create a new sinergy.

A belly dance holiday with us is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of oriental dance and experience the vibrant culture of Morocco. During this holiday, you can expect to participate in daily belly dance classes, and have the opportunity to experience the local food and culture, as well as visit nearby attractions.

Unwind in a yoga and dance retreat in Morocco is a great way to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, and experience the vibrant culture and stunning landscapes of Morocco. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a beginner, this retreat offers an opportunity to deepen your practice and explore new cultures in a supportive and fun environment.

Skills in Morocco

"Offers yourself a chance to improve your skills, explore new cultures, and make new friends in a supportive and fun environment."

dance camp in morocco

ACCOMMODATION our Surf House in Tamraght

Retreat accommodation in Morocco

Our accommodation have been thoughtfully crafted by a dancer, for dancers.

Each room has been lovingly adorned with a beldi boho-chic style, ensuring your stay is not just comfortable but also artistically inspiring.

Nestled in the hills of a tranquil rural village just north of Agadir, Morocco, our location provides sweeping views of the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Whether you resonate with being a nomad, a free spirit, a gypsy, a yogi, a dancer, or an artist, you'll find a welcoming home here with us.

 Makovická, SLOVAKIA

"I have taken a week of belly dance holiday in Wave and Dance. I really loved the experience and I will definitely come back very soon 😍 I felt very relaxed and comfortable in the villa, and in the village in general."


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