Surfing in Morocco with Wave & Dance’s Surf School in Tamraght happens all year round for all skill levels. Our beginner surfing lessons are for guests who are surfing for the first time ever or surfed a few times before and want to improve. We also offer intermediate surf lessons, advanced lessons and surf guiding safari days in our favourites secrets spots.





Each lesson is two hours long and takes place at one of the many beautiful beaches between Agadir, Aourir, Tamraght, Taghazout and Tamri. We choose the beach based on the weather and wave conditions on the day of your lesson. This helps ensure you have ideal waves for learning how to surf! 


More reasons to surf with us:

  • Choose from group and private lessons

  • Maximum eight students per instructor - lots of personal attention!

  • All our instructors are ISA qualified Level 1 or 2

  •  All our instructor are qualified NARS Surf Coach Lifesaver Award

  • Lesson prices include ALL the necessary equipment for your surf lesson

  • A detailed video or pictures surf debriefing and analysis is provided after each class for faster progress.


(subject to change, based on surf conditions)

09:30                    Shuttle to the surf spot:  It is time to reach the beach selected for the day                                 by our private shuttle service to the sands of Taghazout Area.

10:00 - 12:00       Surf class:  After a dynamic pre-surf warmup jump into the H2o for a surf                                   lesson with our  ISA & Lifeguard certified instructor. 

12:00 - 14:00       Fresh lunch at the beach:  Share the morning surf experiences amongst                                     new international friends during your meal with a fresh packed lunch.

14:00 - 16:00       Surf class: Back to the ocean for our afternoon surf session class.

17:00 - 17:30       Surf debriefing at our surf camp: it's time to go back to the surf school for                               a video-debrief of your performances of the day. That’s the moment where                                 you set new realistic objectives for your next surf session.


Group Lesson

1 hour                                      25 € 

2 hours (half day)                   30 €

Half day & Free surf               40 €

1 day  (2x2 hours)                  45 €

3 days (12 hours)                 120 € 

5 days (20 hours)                 185 € 

Private Lesson

                               1 surfer   2 surfers

1 hour                         35 €           55 €

2 hours                       55 €           95 €

1 days (4 hours)      120 €         165 €

3 days  (12 hours)    240€         360 €

5 days  (20 hours)    360€         550 €

Surf Hire 

                              Half Day     1 Day

Sorfboard                   10 €           15 €

Bodyboard                   5 €             8 €

Bodysurf                       5 €             8 €

Wetsuit                          5 €             8 €

Surf & Wetsuit            14 €           20 €

Price of each course includes:

  • Equipment rental during the class (wetsuit, leash, wax and soft board)

  • Transportation to the beaches 

  • Certificate ISA & Lifeguard Surf Instructor

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Surfboards & Equipment

We offer our surf students the best brands of boards and wetsuits and we upgrade our equipment regularly. We provide you everything you need to progress quickly and easily with each class.

Surfboards by Moor's

Wave & Dance exclusively uses the soft, fun, safe surfboards RIDE IT EASY DURA X LITE by Moor's. This range of surfboards is the best quality you can get for this type of boards in the market today. From outside it looks like the others, but inside is a combination of the best materials: EPS core foam, slick soft bottom, high quality IXPE shock proof material for the surface, 2 wooden stringers, fiber glass for ultra reinforcement and long lasting. Engineered by novice Australian riders 

who are 365 days a year on the beach.


Wetsuits by Rip Curl

Wave & Dance provides Rip Curl full length wetsuits to keep you warm and comfortable all year round in the Atlantic Ocean. 

All of our wetsuits are washed after every use in antibacterial disinfectant "Piss Off" by Rip Curl. 

Rip Curl are the industry leaders in wetsuit design and manufacturing and their wetsuits are soft, flexible and easy to wear even if you’ve never worn a wetsuit before. We have a large range of sizes to fit everyone.

Rip Curl Maroc

Moroccan Surf Spots

The area is behind a big cape, which funnels the predominantly north winds in an offshore direction. The spots are all easily accessible by road with the waves generally breaking right over sand and flat rock. "Anchor's Point" has the ability to hold huge size and break down the perfectly angled headland for over a kilometre. Under normal conditions, the warm, green walls are powerful yet accessible to intermediates and provide a relatively safe environment for less accomplished surfers to improve their pointbreak skills.


Just to the north, past the reefs of "Mystery" and "La Source", is another great, righthand pointbreak called "Killer". There are more waves in town at spots like "Hash Point" and "Panorama", and miles of beginner beachbreak running south to "Banana Village" in Tamraght. The north and northeast winds get bent and funnelled offshore by the coastal ranges, but in the summer there are more northwest onshore winds to contend with. 

Ten of the best surf spots in Morroco are right on our doorstep, including one of the most famous in the world, "anchor's point". why not come see for yourself? 

Village of Imsouane  All levels 

Dracula  Advanced 

Kettle  Advanced 

Killer  Intermediate 

La Source  All levels 

Mystery  All levels 

Anchor's Point  Intermediate

Panorama  All levels

Croco  All levels 

Devil's Rock  All levels 

Banana Village  All levels





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